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In February 2011, she found herself with two top-five singles and a pair of top-five albums in the same week. The first artist since the Beatles in 1964 to achieve that milestone.


  1. The singer stumbled on her influences Etta James and Dusty Springfield when she was looking for a new hairstyle in the Classics section of HMV.
  2. Adele's first taste of the limelight was when she performed Gabrielle's song 'Rise' at her school. Reportedly her mum made her a sparkly eye patch to look more like the singer.
  3. She had throat microsurgery in 2011, and was advised to give up smoking. But she is quoted as saying: "Smoking is my favourite thing to do in the world."
  4. Adele has claimed that she is at her most creative when drunk. "A drunk tongue is an honest one in my opinion and the next morning I would read it through with an awful hangover and, in the cold light of day, had to absorb my feelings about myself. I was a bit scared that I wouldn't be articulate enough." She has a miniature dachshund called Louis Armstrong.
Someone Like You

Adele performs "Someone Like You"
live at the BRIT Awards 2011.

This pop ballad was inspired by a broken relationship, and lyrically it speaks of Adele coming to terms with it. Accompanied only by a piano in the song, Adele sings about the end of the relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

The song received positive reviews from music critics who chose the song as a highlight of the album and praised the lyrics, its simple sound and Adele's vocal performance.